When I first started training with Bitsy, I walked in with one goal: weight loss. But she has helped me see results beyond those initial hopes! Her focus on fundamentals of balance and movement have helped me listen to my body more closely, and make little improvements that have big impacts. For example, I now catch myself when I am slouching on the subway, or when I am walking lopsidedly because of my heavy handbag on one side. I’m so much more aware of how I’m moving through the world. And her commitment to diligently programming what we do each week has brought extraordinary goals within my reach! As a mom of a kindergartner, with a corporate job that requires a ton of travel, I never expected that I’d have the confidence (and energy) to complete 2 muckfest obstacle course events! Her positive attitude and consistent motivation keep me on-track – I always know she’s looking out for me, and her support keeps me accountable.

Aparna Mohan

Bitsy is a true gem that I am so grateful to have as my trainer! Her positive energy, encouragement, dedication and knowledge has brought my fitness to the next level and given me skills that have improved my movement patterns and nutrition. On top of that she is so warm and fun, and has built a great community with her clients through educational newsletters to organizing events.  She is an excellent trainer I highly recommend.

Nicole Braun Carrasco

Once upon a time, I was in pretty decent shape; I went to the gym 4-5 days a week, ran 15 miles a week, ate well and all the other healthy stuff. I had a good maintenance routine. But then life happened and without warning, 38 new pounds came into my life out of nowhere (going from an active job to a sit on mah butt job didn't help). I tried getting back into it but at this point, I was out of practice and needed guidance. I tried everything from Youtube videos to online trainers. Then one Saturday morning at the gym I had recently enrolled in 6 weeks earlier, this enthusiastic trainer high-fived me for simply putting equipment back. It was such a positive reaction, I ended up lurking around the gym after my workout wanting to get her attention to thank her for the high-five. In my lurking, I witnessed the amount of attention, motivation and enthusiasm she was giving to the person she was training. Never in a million billion trillion years did I considered getting a personal, one-on-one, trainer (that whole personal space thing) but I had to think out of the box because what I was doing on my own wasn't producing the results I wanted. So I took the leap of faith, got over myself and asked for help. And it was the best thing EVER! BTW, Bitsy didn't usually work Saturdays but had a scheduling conflict the week before and, well, the rest is history. Coinkidink or fate?

I've been a gym rat for more than half my life so I thought I knew things. When I started training with Bitsy I suddenly felt motivated to think a totally different way. She never made me think I was doing things wrong or had to start over. Instead, I learned new and better ways to approach exercise and movement. I now feel muscles that I knew I had of but never paid attention to. Even when I'm not exercising, I've learned to move more efficiently. There are mornings where I feel a little slow or unmotivated, and that all changes once we get into our rhythm - yes there is a rhythm to exercise. Who knew! There are sooooooooooo many things that have improved from training with Bitsy and it's well beyond picking things up and putting them down. She goes into detail with the hows, whys and whats. She lets you progress at your own pace with a lot of education and motivation. After our first session, I knew I had to do this. And now I'm hooked. I'm seeing results and feeling a whole lot happier with my progress.

If I could change anything, it would be that her gym was an extension of my apartment and I could train with her all the time!

At the end of the workout - a hug, a high five and bermpbermbermp now matter how sweaty!!!!


Danielle Rivers

I have had many trainers over the years and Bitsy is by far the BEST  I have ever worked with. I have a lot of injuries and chronic pain so I needed someone who was really smart about anatomy and physiology, and well versed in ways to train without aggravating my injuries. Fortunately, I was hooked up with Bitsy and she is exactly what I needed and more. I've been working with her now for over 2 years and I am so much stronger than I was when we started. She listens to me and my body and takes into consideration my exact needs; she comes up with the most creative and innovative ways to work various muscle groups; and she has more certifications than anyone else I know! On top of all that, she is a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine, one of the most positive, generous, resilient and energetic people I know. There is no judgment, only encouragement. She encourages and organizes group activities with her clients to build a community and support system - her Fit Fam! She has become a good friend and I am so lucky to know her!

Kay Park

I started training with Bitsy in June 2016 after an injury sidelined my usual workout routine. An old back injury had resurfaced and joined forces with the physical demands of my job, and I found myself unable to run or use other cardio machines comfortably or without physical discomfort. This was crushing to me. Having been a runner and “solo” exerciser for years, I was no longer able to motivate myself to get to the gym and I knew that I needed professional guidance in regards to new routines and training programs. I took a chance and decided to sign up for a series of personal training and was paired with Bitsy. It truly changed my life.

Bitsy took an extremely personal approach to my training, listening to me my fitness goals and what I wanted to achieve from training. She pushed me when she knew I was able to progress to a new set of exercises, and listened to me when I gave her feedback, adjusting our training sessions when my body was tired or sore. I learned to listen to my body and re-train it to stand, lift, bend and breathe properly. And while I learned the basics of form and function of my newly learned exercises, that only tells a fraction of the importance of my work with Bitsy. What I found was a commitment to my health, inspiration to continue training and slow, steady and real improvement in my physical and mental well being. I went from popping 3 Ibuprofen a day to popping one in the last 3 months. I went from doing my stretches and exercises out of necessity to wanting to do them at home and on my own time. I learned to make time for the gym or outside activity because I wanted to, not because I “had to.” Me, the solo exerciser, have been committed to my training for almost eleven months, several months longer than my initial commitment. It was hard work, a huge commitment. But it was fun too, and it worked.

Last week, I ran 2.5 in a row for the first in over a year, getting back to something I love so much and thought I would/could never do again.

Of course, I did this. But I did not do this alone. I could never have done this without Bitsy’s inspiration, guidance, patience and expertise. She inspired me to get to the gym and take it seriously. She guided me to the right program of exercise, patient with me the whole time. And her knowledge and understanding of my physical limitations, coupled with her expertise with orthopedic exercise, weights ad of course, animal flow, made it a smart and safe journey for me. Her fit family is full of people with individual stories, each person with their own challenges and their own goals.  She has brought us together to share and motivate each other as well as ourselves. I hope you can join us, you will never regret it…

Christine Williams

I have MS, which makes working out something that easily wobbles on the line between have to do it, too tired to do it, and easily hurt yourself while doing it. I've worked with 2 other trainers in the past, and although I enjoyed working with both and love them as friends, I have never met anymore with more knowledge and more concerned with my body as a whole unit instead of just reaching a weight goal. 

After 2 years of working with her I can't imagine training with anyone else. Because no matter what, they won't be as caring, smart, and full of so much joy as we work through the hard stuff so I can continue to "pick heavy things up and put them back down" forever. 

Katie Commodore

Bitsy is both a fantastic trainer and a delightful person! As a trainer she is incredibly knowledgeable, careful and informative. I started to train with her after having stopped training because of a shoulder injury. Bitsy carefully worked to re-acclimate me to training and gave me the tools that I needed to help my shoulder heal. The work with did with kettlebells and Indian clubs was particular useful.I would entrust her to help me with any injury. In addition to her thoughtfulness and and extensive knowledge she is incredibly up beat, caring and friendly. I was always struck by the fact that on mornings where I was feeling less energized before working with her I was instantly excited and energized within a few minutes of working together. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! Thank you Bitsy for being thoughtful!

Sasha Hoff

Over the past several months, Bitsy has patiently enabled me to grow from a basic kettlebell swing to confidence in multiple moves. She has turned me on to the holistic benefits of kettlebell. It's taken a long time, but progress is happening!

Bitsy is amazing! She is very kind and lots of fun. Above all else, she is patient and extremely knowledgeable about kettle bells. She has taught me a lot about the proper swing, and has shown me various other ways to incorporate the kettlebell into my workout routine. It takes me a long time to learn new body movements, but she stays patient all the way through. Her patience, knowledge, and confidence in me has made me so much better at swinging. I couldn't imagine working with anyone else.

Sheana Powell

Bitsy is a caring, dedicated professional with a very sharp mind. I met Bitsy a couple of years ago after I had a spinal fusion. I had to do something to take care of myself, but I didn’t have a clue. After meeting Bitsy, I learned very quickly that she knows what I can do. I’ve been with Bitsy for two years and I’ve never looked back. Now I run up steps, run in the mud and climb walls. I look better, my posture is better, I know something about nutrition and I’ve learned how to move safely. I do things I didn’t know I could do, but Bitsy knows what I’m capable of. Bitsy also creates a wonderful sense of community and just plain fun. I’ve heard how exercise can be boring but that never happens with Bitsy. Bitsy has created a team and I think we all, somehow, help motivate each other. Thank you Bitsy!!

Michael Davis

Eric Wilson

"There is no one quite like Bitsy.  Dedicated, motivating and most importantly, fun. Bitsy has a palpable passion and zest for life that is infectious.  Training with Bitsy made going to the gym something that I actually looked forward to rather than dreading.  I've found that as much as she pushes her clients to succeed and reach their goals she pushes herself, too - constantly reading, researching or taking new courses. 

Bitsy genuinely cares about her clients and their goals, which is refreshing in a field that is often just a hard sell to buy more sessions.  You can't go wrong with Bitsy"

Rafi Golberstein

At the beginning on 2019, I started seeing Bitsy to help with a body I was having issues with: bad left shoulder and dealing with weight gain from a digestive issue I had suffered from through all of 2018. It was before my second visit that I learned I was pregnant.


Training through pregnancy was one of the best things I could have done for myself-- not just physically but mentally. During my pregnancy, I actually lost a lot of the weight i was unhappy about (this was seen through only gaining 22 lbs in my pregnancy and a stronger, leaner appearance other than my growing belly).


I saw Bitsy up until 36 weeks and every step of the way we worked on strengthening my core and preparing my body not just for childbirth but for recovering afterwards. I felt stronger at the end of my pregnancy than at the beginning. It is now becoming more common practice to work out through pregnancy-- and it SHOULD be. Bitsy helped me to safely move through this period of time in my life.

Tess Mix

I could write a whole blog about this but to summarize: training with Bitsy during my pregnancy and during postpartum has been one of the best things that I could have done.  It kept my body fit and toned while it was changing; it helped with my mood swings and anxiety of the unknown and also, after having my baby, it was instrumental to my weight loss.  Can’t thanks enough for having the chance to do it (and continue doing it). Training was not only a gym routine, it was a stress reliever and sometimes even a therapy session!   


Kathy Arcano