Why you still need your Trainer

The internet keeps us connected and informed on every topic and every sphere of life, including our health and fitness. Many fitness professionals have had to dive into the world of virtual training to make ends meet. I am one of them. I applaud all of the Fit Pros who have been using IG live and other platforms to host free workouts. Many have created their own fliers or Insta stories with the “5 BEST HOME WORKOUTS,” etc, and that is awesome. At home workouts are a great way to keep us active and more resilient to stress. But you still need your trainer.

If you are serious about training and creating new habits, keep your training sessions going. You’ll find that all that’s missing is that well deserved high five or fist bump at the end of your session. Even in the midst of a pandemic, exercise science still requires that you challenge your body in order to get stronger. If you want to get better at something you’ve never done before, or lift something you’ve never been able to lift before, you have to train. That means your trainer has completed an assessment of your movement and created a program that fits your needs and sets you up for success.

Through progressive overload, we start to change your tissue, by which I mean your muscle, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. That means better tissue quality, better movement and increased strength. Doing a Tabata class for 6 rounds is great if your goal is to sweat, but not if you are trying to “overload” your tissue for ultimate strength gains.

Progressively overloading your tissue is not just a physical adaptation, it’s a neurological one, too. The better our nervous system is at adapting to load-weights, kettlebells, etc, the better we are at adapting to all kinds of stress, including the stress that arises from being at home all day and navigating uncertainty in a time of crisis.

A fitness professional is key to your overall health and fitness. Your trainer has the knowledge to create a program with whatever equipment you have available to you. Instead of taking a break, seize the opportunity to seek out a knowledgeable trainer who can help keep you challenged, safe, accountable, and as strong as you can be during these tough times.

I know personal training isn’t a viable option for everyone, but if you’re willing to make the commitment, you won’t regret it. Talk with a trainer about your goals and setting up a cadence for weekly training. Ask for their credentials and look for testimonials. 

Be safe and stay healthy.

-Coach Bitsy