Motivation Fitness welcomes you!


At Motivation Fitness, we believe in meeting you where you are. Each of us is unique, with a distinct set of life experiences, priorities, and beliefs. 


We want to understand everything we can about your current health and well-being, as well as your vision for the future. We recognize that "greater strength" means different things to different people. That is why we take pride in designing a program just for you.


At Motivation Fitness we love educating our clients. We firmly believe that when you learn about your body and all the components of fitness, long lasting change will result.

Your investment in your health goes far beyond the time and money spent in the gym. We want you to see and feel the return on investment in all areas of life.


Through our work together, you will come to know the profound liberation of truly owning your body and your life. You will also have a new extension of your family. We call it "FitFam".

Motivation Fitness strongly believes in community. We plan at least 3 outings a year. So far we have participated in the MS Muckfest and Terrain Monkey OCRs. . We've also enjoyed brunch, bike rides, hikes and Escape the Room events through out the years.


Virtual Classes are now held Via Zoom. Please email for link.

One on One Training

We offer one on one training for those who enjoy progressing through a customized program while receiving the minute to minute, undivided attention of our Fitness Director

Online Training

Our online training courses are designed for those who already are familiar with proper training and technique.

We offer one-, three-, and five-month programs.

Kickstart is a one-month program is a great introduction to the Motivation Fitness experience. See what you can achieve with us in just 30 days.


Dive Deeper is 90 days of a rigorous program that will  give you a solid grounding in the different components of proper training.


Go Beyond is our 5 month program and our best value. In addition to your customized training program, Go Beyond offers weekly one-on-one calls with our Fitness Director. Those calls are a great opportunity to address any challenges you are facing in your strength training or diet.

Bonus: Dive Deeper and Go Beyond include a special offer for those living in the NYC area.


Kinstretch Classes

KINSTRETCH®: A movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion.